Mid Week Message


For several months we have been discussing our spiritual gifts, our personal work styles, and our passions in ministry. Dedee McLeod lead the Happy Hearts Bible Study through a book entitled Network by Bruce Bugbee. Our Wednesday night supper followed suit with the same study after. Over the study we learned that each of us have different spiritual gifts, that we prefer to work in different ways, and are driven by different passions.

To me, as we have gone through this study, the image of a puzzle continues to sit at the forefront of my mind. We each are like a puzzle piece. Alone, a puzzle piece does not reveal much about the whole picture. It is only when we start putting pieces together that we can finally see the whole image.

So too, each of us carries the image of God within us. That image shows itself through our gifts, work styles, and passions. But, it is only a glimpse at the entirety of God. It is only when we join together with people who have different gifts that we begin to see a better picture of who God is.

Like puzzle pieces, we are better when we are joined together. That was, in large part, what this past weekend was about. Our wonderful town of Williston celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend in wonderful fashion. From the best MLK, Jr. parade in recent history to the first annual town pulpit swap and potluck, we took time to recognize that we are better together.

We may worship in different churches on Sunday, come from different backgrounds, or walk different paths in life. But, we all worship one Lord and Savior, who is Jesus Christ, and who calls us together to be the church across all times and places.

I am so incredibly grateful for the way our town, and our church, heard and responded to that call! Thank you to each of you for helping share and spread the message that we are, indeed, better together!

Grace & Peace,

Rev. Danny Bennett